Hazal Ertürkan – Chronomaterials (Eng)


Frantic pace of time is a widespread problem experienced by people from different segments of the society in different countries. It leads to the feeling of not having enough time for neither satisfying the needs nor doing the wants and it obstructs to distinguish what matters to be committed in one’s life or to fulfill the life goals. Overcoming this chronic time starvation has a crucial role to enhance human flourishing and increase the quality of life. Therefore, the concept of time has been an intriguing subject for many different fields.

To date, the most attention in design has been given to the development of products which presents time as given, happens to us and our personal experience through time is neglected. We conceptualize the notion of ‘Chronomaterials’ to refer to the materials which are ‘designed’ to change over time, by taking people’s body and daily practices as the main driver for change. This project from Hazal Ertükan is a journey which explores the way materials make us think, feel and act through their temporal qualities to show the passing of time rewarding through ‘materials experience thinking’.

Hazal Ertürkan is researcher at the research group Biobased Art and Design from Caradt.

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